What We Do

Deliberately with characterized family engaged and need based methodology, our group works in inside in reverse ancestral region of Udaipur, Dungarpur and Banswara to create linkages with country social orders and to recognize the essential formative issues. Every one of the activities are performed through a progression of gatherings, mindfulness crusades, which came about our balanced touch to 3000 innate families in these regions.

In the year 2003, AMRIT sorted out a National Environment Awareness Program, Seva Mandir as a Nodal Agency, in town Roba of Girwa tehsil in Udaipur area. Water Conservation as the essential target of progamme and issues like water contamination, dangers of concoction composts and pesticides in cultivating, wellbeing, cleanliness and sanitation were additionally featured.

After a sharp report and research on natural cultivating, association limitlessly brought into it. In continuation, no. of preparing program and on ranch exhibit were executed which have encouraged number of ranchers of 22 locale till date.

In the meantime, the extreme need of Construction of Water Resources was recognized to be utilized for local and rural use. Southern Tribal Area of Rajasthan was having broad possibility in Water Resource Development. Ancestral Area Development Department sought after budgetary help to the association, in money related commitment and work joint effort with town individuals built 37 Anicuts, restored 32 (old fizzled) Community Lift Irrigation conspires and began 28 new Community Lift Irrigation plots in Udaipur, Pratapgarh, Banswara and Dungarpur areas of Rajasthan.

  • To provide Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women and Children.
  • To safeguard the rights of the Child and provide for the well being of Children in need, more particularly,Children exposed to any form of abuse,Children deprived of education
  • Children suffering from ill health, physical and mental.
  • To identify the beggars and impress upon them the significance of dignified living and persuade them to take up an alternative livelihood and to take such measures so as to equip them in attaining such means of living.
  • To secure for the transgendered, their basic human rights and ensuring them a better way of life by,
  • Providing assistance in pursuing education.
  • Facilitating the transgendered in exploring employment opportunities and have them employed in an open minded work environment, where there is less or no discrimination, stigma and prejudice.
  • Guiding the transgendered in identifying their interests and assist them further by enrolling them in concerned vocational training programs and/or based on their individual preference, aid in establishing them as entrepreneurs.
  • Acquainting them with varied Government programmes, schemes and welfare measures and enlisting them into same.
  • Persistent sensitizing and capacity building among the general public, more particularly,
  • Students in schools and colleges,
  • Employees in corporate houses and other organizations.
  • Providing medical assistance and legal aid.
  • To identify the homeless and the destitute and facilitate their relocation in appropriate institutions.
  • To provide medical and legal aid and assistance to the old aged and to take such other measures to ensure their social well being.
  • To empower the differently abled by providing,
  • Medical aid and appliances;
  • Vocational training and employment opportunities;
  • Legal aid; and
  • Other rehabilitation measures those are necessary to ensure them a self sustained living.
  • To mentor and provide guidance to the youth.
  • To preserve and protect the environment and propagate the significance of sustainable development for maintaining ecological balance.
  • To conduct study on various social issues from time to time, gather data, and carry out research.
  • To campaign for awareness on the aforesaid issues by disseminating information among the general public.
  • To take such other measures and render services or assistance including establishment of information centres, provision for shelter homes, setting up of educational, research and training institutions, etc., to the aforesaid class of persons and other persons, as may be necessary from time to time for the betterment of society.
  • To associate itself with any other institution, Society or Association, having objectives wholly or in part, similar to those of this Society and to co-operate with any person or body of persons in furtherance of such objectives.
  • To work towards the healthy golden years of the senior citizens and to organise medical camps at various places to monitor the health of the senior citizens and children.
  • To address the educational needs of the senior citizens and children and to provide academic education, training and job oriented vocational training to specific age groups.
  • To build a place to bring about synergies between the senior citizens and children.
  • To organise outreach programs focused on providing dignity to the elderly, care and security to the elderly through volunteer effort and to provide club and recreational facilities to the senior citizens so that they are able to spend their time in a constructive manner.
  • To provide counselling and to work towards reconciliation with family when needed and to enable senior citizens to access benefits / services provided by the government including old age pension, widow pension, travel discounts, legal aid and various upkeep benefits.
  • To provide support to extraordinary talented people in every field and to publish books, charts, illustration, journals, magazines, periodicals and other publications on different subjects, in a variety of languages for the promotion of Sunshine Society but not limited to.
  • To work sincerely for people and humanity without any discrimination including but not limited to colour, caste, sex, creed, religion, nationality.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the social, cultural and educational conditions of society.